Call off with KQ suited?

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Call off with KQ suited?

Playing 109 25k GTD on Americas Cardroom, I have a spot where in game I called off and wondering if my logic is sound, or not?

Hero 19bb stack, UTG KQ suited 8 handed
Having been very card dead and not vpip a lot of hands, and very tight image on this table. Getting a lot of opens through. I open 2.5bb open and it folds to BB which is new to table. He open shoves but has 75BB stack. Call or Fold?

My thoughts are he should have a very narrow range, I took AA,KK out of range, I think he would be 3 bet inducing with these hands a lot, I also take 22-55 our he would probably just flat call, maybe not. I figured AK, AQ is possible and that is not good for my hand, but I figured a lot of Aj,A10, and mid pocket pairs 6's-Queens.

I needed 41% to call just on math?
Thoughts? I called and was against 99, wondering if terrible call?

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