Call or Fold? Marathon Live Poker MTT $65 - Final levels of the Day 1

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Call or Fold? Marathon Live Poker MTT $65 - Final levels of the Day 1

In a Live Marathon MMT, (re-entries until Level 6,) I had this spot.

Run Level 10/13. blinds level every 30-min.
Blinds 1600/800 BU Ante 1600.

I had 68K effective stack. 56BB.

I was in SB with AKo. The action started with the raise prelfop from CO (100K, the chipleader of the table. He was openning many times and showing winners in showdowns, such as QQ, KJs, AJo). I was making some squezzes and 3-bet him a couple times before, so he'd had a loose image of me.

Pot 4K
CO raise 4K
BU folds
SB - Hero re-raise to 15K
BB folds
CO shove

I decided to call due to I was blocking AA/KK but that was not enough because I didn't make snap call. I thought things such as QQ, JJ and maybe KK. Probably, with AA he could done 4-bet. Other thing that impulse me to call was, If I double up. I would get 130K and getting into Day2 with 40BB and after my image at the table he could think that I had a large range.

It was a good call? or was too risky for that instance of tourney?

I have to admit the he'd 4-bet me, I fold.And with my fold after Villian shove, I'd kept almost 45BB, reasonable stack to still playing my game and making a couple moves.

He shoved with AK, too

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