Calling 3Bets vs Passive Field

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Calling 3Bets vs Passive Field

Good Day.
I was wondering after I constructed some open raising ranges should I be calling 3bets if the field is very weak and it is very uncommon for players to 3bet at all?
The basic play in South Africa is majority of players limp for majority of the levels of play and don’t generally raise ever. Some players are even limping AQ and AK. They then tighten up so much that they get blinded out and are willing to limp with 3-6 blinds remaining. When the players do raise they usually raise 4x-5x BB and they generally do this with 99-QQ and sometimes even KK.

I guess my question is should we still be calling or jamming the 20BB and less vs 3Bets because majority of the time there ranges are so strong we are always behind?

Also these assumptions are based on the population tendencies I’ve observed in South Africa.


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