Close to bubble vs lag chipleader

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Close to bubble vs lag chipleader

Blinds: t1,500/t3,000 (9 Players) BN: 25,401
SB: 77,447
BB: 79,177 (Hero)
UTG: 22,717
UTG+1: 33,197
MP: 19,757
MP+1: 33,656
MP+2: 236,811
CO: 41,112
Faced this spot today, 44 places paid and 60 left, villain is chipleader and avg 60kish. Villain was playing quite loose and applying pressure, unsure about what to do.
Preflop (4,500) Hero is BB with J 8
4 folds, MP+2 raises to 6,000, 3 folds, Hero calls 3,000
Flop (16,875) 9 T J
Hero checks, MP+2 bets 18,000
Thoughts on shoving? Calling seems bad because we pretty much commit ourselves and are guaranteed to face an ugly decision on the turn. Unsure about what villain is betting with this size, but him being quite loose leans me towards shoving too.

.Folding top pair and OESD just seems wrong to me, I think I would fold most other Jx (Except J9-AJ), but being close to the bubble makes me wonder. Is shoving a mistake? I dont see much fold equity and it seems like a bit of an icm disaster. But if I fold here surely Im folding way too much?

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