Cooler or Could I have kept pot smaller?

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Cooler or Could I have kept pot smaller?

$300 No Rake 888 Poker

UTG: 42 BB (67s)
UTG+1: 109.83 BB
MP: 2.56 BB
MP+1: 13.6 BB
HJ: 21.89 BB*
Hero (CO): 49.27 BB (QQ)
BTN: 21.6 BB
SB: 29.63 BB
BB: 13.3 BB

Pre Flop:
UTG raises to 2 BB
I raise to 6.6BB
UTG calls 4.6BB

4h 5d 3d
UTG checks
I bet 6.6 BB, UTG calls 6.6 BB

(29.29 BB, 2 players) 3s
UTG checks
I Bet 15.64 BB,
UTG raises to 28.5 BB and is all-in
I Call 12.86 BB

River : 8c

I show down Queens and lose. Should i have 3 bet smaller pre flop (40bb effective) then gone gone smaller on the flop? I have pot left on turn and basically jam, feels awkward after his flop call considering he has all the sets in range and i have none. I was trying to play for max value since Villain was a bit fishy based on 1200 Games Played sample size (after all he did open 67s UTG).

Thanks for any feedback. Biggest tourney I've ever played and things were going so well up to this point lol,

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