Could you recommend a "must have" software and best way of studying for new MTT player?

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Could you recommend a "must have" software and best way of studying for new MTT player?

Hi guys, I recently switched from cash games to MTTs and I like it much more, I enjoy MTTs more than grinding some NL10 and NL25 for hours again and again.

I also started to study the game regularly which I quite didn't do before...

Therefore I have some question mainly about studying MTT strategy.

  1. What is the best way of studying when I want to get better as fast as possible? I try to read at least few strategy articles per week on the internet and I post hands here or on discord poker groups. I also analyze hands I'm not sure about in equilab. Was thinking about some MTT course but I quite don't want to spend like $500+ when my total profit is like $1.300 so far. Are there any cheaper courses suitable for small stakes players mainly?

  2. What software would you recommend to me? I use HM 2, Stars Helper and Equilab so far. Was looking at HRC and it seems pretty good for the price. My biggest leaks are in playing short as I'm not used to playing short as a former CG player. So I mainly want a software that would help me with reshoving ranges and calling ranges when stacks are small. I generally play way too tight in these spots. ICMizer looks nice but it seems better for SNG players or maybe final table analysis of MTT. I don't know. Some tips?

Thanks for help :)

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