Deep in multiday 6m, lots of questions in backraise spot

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Deep in multiday 6m, lots of questions in backraise spot

HJ: BoysDontCRAI: 120013
CO: Shark_utier: 226758
BN: shaq-1337: 147433
SB: good3bet: 218876
BB: 113 Gros: 337167
UTG: HyaKuu: 233899
Preflop (4500) (6 Players)
HyaKuu raises to 6000, BoysDontCRAI calls 6000, Shark_utier folds, shaq-1337 folds, good3bet raises to 18850, 113 Gros folds, HyaKuu calls 12850, BoysDontCRAI raises to 119583, and is all in, good3bet folds, HyaKuu calls 100733
Flop (268516) T 2 6 (2 Players)
Turn (268516) T 2 6 J (2 Players)
River (268516) T 2 6 J K (2 Players)
Final Pot
HyaKuu wins 263596

This is about 40 spots off the money in a multi-day 100€ 6m tourney, avg is like 140k. UTG is a nitty fish with bad fundamentals, 18/12/4 for 6max (mostly not from this tourney), my notes say he flatted a 3bet OOP with QTo leaving 2xPSB and that he is not stack sizes aware (a note I usually make when people make Pessagno-flats). SB is a guy who's generally aggro 33/29/12 style, my hud says he has 22% SB 3bet, he has only been at the table for a short while doing nothing but I know he's very capable, and my notes say he loves pf shenanigans from unconventional spots. So he has tight short term image and I just can feel the 3bet coming so often here. Also the CO is very aggro and loves the 3bet from nonstandard positions.

1) This is more like a bonus question, but given the above am I right to think we should not have a 3b range at all, and flat somewhat tight (77-AA, AK-AQ, AJs-ATs, KQs QJs JTs is what I thought my approx flatting range should be here with nonexistent 3b range)?

2) So UTG flats the 3bet very fast. I have a pretty strong read of him that he's never tarping with AA or KK here. I'm also pretty sure he's the kind of guy who'd often just snap shove his 70BB (you encounter these guys a lot on .fr) if he had AK, and regardless he would not just snap flat at least AKo there. To me his snap flat feels like a hand he doesn't want to fold to the 3bet but doesn't want to get in... how exactly would you range him given all of this? I thought maybe something along the lines of 77-JJ, AQ AJ KQs, and then possibly some other stuff in either direction but not particularly far off.

3) So main question... this spot just feels insanely profitable to me for a backraise shove and it's something I do a lot. I know it's not that important in donkaments to actually be balanced but I feel like I 100% am and definitely would also take this line with AA, AK, etc. This brings me to the main question, if someone made it this far. Can we actually just backraise shove our entire range here then? If not, where do we make the cutoff?

As a last pointer I gotta say it's really hard for me to decide a range for him he'd also call my shove here with. I don't think he's very good at all but also not a terrible fish, like I don't think he'll see my backraise shove as something like 87s ever, but I also don't think he realizes I can have AK or AA here, I'm sure SB does tho.

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