Defending BB vs Big open and rec flatter (deep)

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Defending BB vs Big open and rec flatter (deep)

Blinds: t40/t80 (9 Players) BB: 12,091 (Hero)
UTG: 4,210
UTG+1: 10,160
MP: 8,926
MP+1: 18,823
MP+2: 19,761
CO: 10,597
BN: 10,093
SB: 4,716
Preflop (120) Hero is BB with 9 8
UTG folds, UTG+1 raises to 250, 2 folds, MP+2 calls 250, 4 folds

Both of them were pretty bad recreationals especially the flatter. However the flatter will be flatting a lot of hands that dominate me. Like J9s, J8s, Q9s, K9s, T9s etc. I am not really sure how I should value hands like 98o, 87o in MW pots when really deepstacked.

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