Developing a 'basic' MTT strategy

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Developing a 'basic' MTT strategy


Just joined - I've been a casual player for years and wanted to firm up my game. I watched all of 'From the Ground Up' and while I knew some of the concepts, a little more in-depth look at blockers/game theory (unexploitable ranges, etc.) was a huge help.

I'm trying to develop a basic/loose MTT strategy to follow for live, WSOPc type events ($500-$1500, long levels, etc.) I want it more detailed than "Always make +EV decisions", but not as annoyingly/uselessly complex as "Here are ranges for every starting position and options for every preflop/postflop scenario".

My concern is there are so many possible scenarios that it's a pointless exercise.

Any thoughts to help me construct such a plan, or drawbacks to doing so? I was thinking something along the lines of:

a. Starting ranges for EP,MP,LP that I can adjust based on table dynamics, stack size, etc.
b In a vacuum, list of things to consider when flatting an open
c. 3-bet ranges

a. C-bet considerations
b. When to double/triple barrel
c. When to continue


I'm sort of stream of consciousness here, so this isn't super well thought out. Any advice appreciated.

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