Did i make a HERO fold or FISH fold?? Help.

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Did i make a HERO fold or FISH fold?? Help.

Live $55 1k guaranteed local tourney. Level of players is extremely low. Theres 4 limpers and i'm in the SB with KThh and squeeze to 8x because this table struggles to find the fold button. Only caller is what i perceived as tight old bastard to my right.

Flop; 6d9d9h. He checks i cbet about 2/5 pot w/ bd straight, bd flush and 2 overs. He calls.

Turn; jh. He checks, i bet half pot, he calls.

River;8h. He checks i bet half pot, he shuvs all in for about 300bb. (Yes were super deep this is right at the beginning of a no rebuy, freezeout)

Now i'm not too flash hot at poker but i know a lil and and definitely better imo then all these old muppets. I feel like his range definitely has 89, 9j, 66. And for this many BB being so deep i thought i could hero fold. He showed Ah6c.

Now at the time didn't mind my fold but after thinking, my hand looks a lot like an over pair right, and i don't have too many of the boats accept JJ or 88. So i think having that capped range and him blocking the Nut flush it was a good spot for him to bluff and me knowing my range is capped should defend wider on the river maybe, even though K high flush isn't very 'wide'.

What do y'all think, my first time posting a hand so my analysis might be crap, like i said havn't been playing poker for long and would love some insight on if this was a decent fold. Cheers.

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