Double barrel bluff on low paired board

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Double barrel bluff on low paired board

Blinds: t40/t80 (7 Players) CO: 1,419 (Hero)
BN: 601
SB: 3,924
BB: 1,228
UTG: 1,141
UTG+1: 2,049
MP: 3,838
SB is 24/11/4.8
Preflop (120) Hero is CO with 9 A
3 folds, Hero raises to 166, BN folds, SB calls 126, BB folds
Flop (482) 5 2 5
SB checks, Hero bets 280, SB calls 280
Turn (1,042) 5 2 5 8
SB checks, Hero bets 963 and is all in

Is this a good spot to bluff? At the time I considered that he shouldn't have too much value in this spot and that he wouldn't be able to do anything against my aggression, but the more I think about it I think I chose the wrong spot to do this. They're going to have far more fives in their range than I have in mine, and it's probably better to just take showdown value with my ace high, as I'm likely way ahead of the SB's range.

Thoughts? And if I have chosen the wrong spot, what range should I use for this situation?

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