EPT barcelona main event

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EPT barcelona main event

I will post a hand from EPT Barcelona main event which bothers me and I am not really
sure about.

Blinds 75/150: effective stack 35k:233bbs

UTG opens 375, MP calls, HIJACK calls, I squeeze KK on the BTN on 1800
UTG folds, MP calls, HIJACK calls

Flop (pot= 6.000): KsJs6h, they check to me and I bet 4.500, MP folds, HIJACK calls

TURN (pot= 15.000): 2c, he checks to me and I bet 11k, he calls

River (pot= 37.000): Ac, and he ships into me and has me covered by a 5-10k or something
So his bets is 17.700. Hero???

I didnt had any special reads on him. He was around 30 years old. And raised and
cbet flop few hands thats all. I know that he is almost never bluffing.Probably even
never not almost never.
But I dont think he has QTo so that only leave him with 4 combos of QTs. And
I think he folds QTs without flushdraw on the turn a lot so that only leaves him
with 1 combo of QsTs lets say 2 combos becaue sometimes he can also calls with only
straight draw.
I need around 25% to call. So maybe he can just randomly ship 66 or JJ enough % of
the time for me to call? Obv I dont think that donking with 66, JJ is good
in that spot. But considering that live players are not that very good in general he
can do that sometimes. I have seen a lot of worse plays in live poker.

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