Facing potted river with TP2ndK

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Facing potted river with TP2ndK

Blinds: t15/t30 (8 Players) BN: 2,605 (Hero)
SB: 2,249
BB: 1,444
UTG: 1,464
UTG+1: 1,444
MP: 1,444
MP+1: 1,508
CO: 2,830
CO is 67/22/14. Very OOL stats.
Preflop (45) Hero is BN with J K
4 folds, CO raises to 137, Hero calls 137, 2 folds
I call with KJo considering how deep we are, and how exploitable my opponent is.
Flop (351) 3 4 9
CO bets 30, Hero calls 30
Min-bet so I autocall 100% of my range.
Turn (411) 3 4 9 3
CO bets 30, Hero calls 30
Same logic as flop.
River (471) 3 4 9 3 J
CO bets 471

This is where it gets weird. Normally when faced with a sudden pot sized bet after two streets of little to no action, it means that they've turned their hand into strong value, but I heavily block their rivered range, and it's a huge exploit to have to fold top pair under these circumstances imo. It's possible that they could have turned trips, but why wouldn't they pot it on the turn? Is this a call, or an exploitative fold?

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