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First hand of EPT Dublin Main

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First hand of EPT Dublin Main

We were just getting settled in for the beginning of our, hopefully, very long grinds in the EPT Dublin Main. My table was starting 4 handed, like most tables, as most people were still filing in. Levels are 75m long and we start 300bb deep so clearly no one is in a rush.

We are in seat 8, putting us UTG.

We get dealt KK. YAY! Great hand to start off the tournament with.

I open to 250. Btn 3b to 700. SB flats, bb folds. I choose to squeeze to 2400 because 1) we have KK and 2) we are 4 handed.

Btn thinks about 15 seconds and 5b to 5200. SB unhappily folds.


Do we think Villain ever does this with AK/AQ/QQ? Or is it just AA? I obviously don't have much info on V at this point, other than obvious generalizations. He's young european.

Can we ever really just flat for 1/6th of our stack pre flop on the first hand of the EPT main?

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