First hand posting :-)

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First hand posting :-)

Enjoying the training videos on RIO and thought I'd try posting a hand where I screwed up:

Turbo MTT, 9max on ACR

Blinds 10/20
Lowjack: Hero ( 1570 / 79 BB)
Cutoff: Player4 ( 1420 / 71 BB) - VPIP: 21, PFR: 5, Hands: 19
SB: Player6 ( 1510 / 76 BB) - VPIP: 53, PFR: 16, Hands: 19

Dealt to Hero [ Ah 9d ]
Hero raises [50]
Player4 calls [50]
Player6 calls [40]

* Dealing Flop * [ Td, Ac, Kd ]
Player6 checks
Hero bets [128] - Given how hard this hits the preflop raiser's range, going to see much of villain's range fold to a bet here. 3/4 pot cbet for value and hand protection with top pair weak kicker v flush draws, gutshots, lower pairs/kickers
Player4 raises [256]
Player6 folds
Hero calls [128] - I feel like an idiot for not folding here. If I call down here, I can't continue through future streets. Hands 2x raising here are made hands looking to protect against the flush draw. No worse hands are raising for value here; semibluffs can just float and bluff on a future street and if they were to bluff the flop, then they would make a larger raise

* Dealing Turn * [ Tc ]
Hero checks
Player4 bets [341]
Hero calls [341] - This call doesn't make sense in hindsight but I must have been thinking that Villain had more semibluffs in his range than made hands

* Dealing River * [ 7d ]
Hero checks - I don't think I should have gotten into this situation, however, given that I did, is this a shove on the scare card? Or just check/fold
Player4 bets [773]
Hero calls [773] - one of the worst calls I've made since getting back into the game
Player4 shows [Qs, Js] for the flopped straight

It was actually helpful just writing this out... too bad there isn't this more time in game to really think everything through

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