FT line check

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FT line check

Blinds: t20,000/t40,000 (7 Players) CO: 1,647,423
BN: 1,052,837
SB: 4,065,842
BB: 1,027,325
UTG: 354,011
UTG+1: 750,530
MP: 1,002,032 (Hero)
Preflop (60,000) Hero is MP with T A
2 folds, Hero raises to 80,000, 3 folds, BB calls 40,000
Flop (215,000) K A 7
BB checks, Hero bets 141,900, BB calls 141,900
Turn (498,800) K A 7 J
BB checks, Hero checks
River (498,800) K A 7 J 3
BB bets 197,898, Hero calls 197,898
Final Pot BB wins and shows two pair, Aces and Threes.
BB wins 894,596

So on the flop I wanna have some big bets, I got AK, KK, AA, he doesn't for the most part, but is this the spot to do it? His stats were reggish just 150 hands but pretty solid, a bit on the tighter side pre, calling a lot of c-bets post. I didn't want to get x/r while putting him in a tough spot with hands like QJ, JT, QT maybe some K with low kicker that he should probably be folding but might call. I didn't think I was ever getting x/r when I use that size and then I can continue IP. After my big c-bet on the flop though I think we should be careful on turns like this J, it should connect pretty well with his range and is not all that great for my hand. A 1/3 bet OOT could be ok but then he might shove his JhXh, or KhXh etc and that sucks. Any inputs?

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