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FT turbo tourney AKs fold 3max

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FT turbo tourney AKs fold 3max

BB: 76298 (Hero)
BN: 66720
SB: 126982
Preflop (9000) (3 Players)
Hero was dealt K A
BN raises to 66120, and is all in, SB raises to 126382, and is all in, Hero folds
Unsure about mine fold.

SB is huge fish, BTN is very good reg.

Fish was folding most of hands before, so we was slowly robbing him 3max. Reg is pushing very wide i think about 40-50%. Since it's was obv. That i am calling a lot tighter regarding big fish at table, then usual.

Payouts: 1) 30% 2) 20% 3) 11.9%

ICM wise it's slightly + $ev to call, esp. regarding very turbo structure.
BUT, mine idea of folding:

1) Fish win (most likely since his calling range is WAY ahead of reg shove range). I got big pay jump, on top of that i am in HU with fish even with shallow stack and turbo structure mine chances are quite good for top1.
2)Reg wins, which is worst scenario, fish most likely bad push/call in next few hands and gave away remains of his stack either to me or reg. So i am still favourite for top2. But with very low chances of top1

While calling:

1) I could loss to fish as well as reg, so it's insta 2 place
2) i could loss to both so 3 place
3) or i could get in HU with massive chiplead (i stand about 42% favourite in 3 way AI against assumed ranges (40% reg 9% fish)

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