FT: Very tricky (suicidal) ICM Spot. Thoughts?

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FT: Very tricky (suicidal) ICM Spot. Thoughts?

Winamax 50 euros turbos 8max 170 players

5 left

1st: 1800 euros +150 euros tickets
2nd: 1200 euros
3rd: 900 euros
4th: 750 euros
5th: 560 euros

BB: 15/30k ante 4k

After sb/bb and antes are taken, stacks are as follow:

UTG (vilain): 20bb
CO (hero): 9bb
BTN: 0.1bb (!!!!)
sb: 5bb

UTG (vilain) CL is very aggro and seems to understand ICM pressure etc..
UTG snapp shoves. Hero is CO with 1010. I paused for a sec knowing that getting busto on that hand having a 0.1bb left oppo and us being 3rd would be a total ICM disaster.
I paused and thought that even if he s shoving 22+ and J10+, vs hands like QJ i am only flipping and my hand could be vulnerable.
I thought abt ICM folding but told myself i was going for the win . We were crushing his preflop shoving range and were in a sick +EV spot to ship the whole thing.

I might not have given it enough thoughts tho.
because even now i m not sure about what i should have considered the most before making any decision.

The fact that there s one player with 0.1bb left and one with 5bb left which translates to an almost certain 210 euros ladder gain and a potential total of 340 ladder?


The fact that my hand is crushing utg CL shoving range and that it is simply too strong to fold even in that Fckd up ICM situation because i am in such a great spot to take over the CL and to ship the whole enchilada?


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