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Hand by Lasagnaaammmm - Bluff or Value?

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Hand by Lasagnaaammmm - Bluff or Value?

I saw this hand posted by Mustafa Kanit on twitter - and was surprised to see some of the comments.

For example, Vanessa Selbst said, " I know you wanna get value but I think it's a little too thin". After seeing the hand I assumed Kanit was bluffing and trying to get the villian to fold Qx as the villians hand looks 'face up' as trips and Kanit can have all sets, QTs, 78s and KJ for value.

Some poker writer wrote "repping a bluff to get Val from worse T obv" which just seems ridiculous as this assumes villian checks flop with his JTs/KTs, calls turn with weak 2nd pair multiway, then bombs river with weak 2nd pair for value... and calls the shove with weak 2nd pair.
I'm interested in some other peoples thoughts on the hand, surely Kanit is bluffing here!

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