Hand from $10,400 Bellagio WPT Main pre-reentry AKo UTG

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Hand from $10,400 Bellagio WPT Main pre-reentry AKo UTG

This hand is from the Bellagio $10,400 WPT Main. Extremely high value tournament with significant number of non-true elite pros for this size buy-in. Unlimited reentry until the the start of Level 10.

This hand occurred Level 8 (300/600/75, 30k SS), meaning this is the second to last level before the re-entry period closes. This may have some consideration for the hand.

Start hand with 70k, villain 1 (very good cash game reg) covers, and villain 2 (experienced recreational seeming player) has 36k (60BB).

I open AKo utg to 1500 (sizing certainly up for debate this deep but this was my standard open), villain1 utg+1 flats, and villain2 3b Btn to 6500 (he started hand with 36k, or 60BB). Pertinent history is that villain1 is a very strong deepstack NLH player, has 3b me twice before (I folded both times), and villain2 specifically made a point to explain how he knows I have strong results in live MTTs. He does not seem like a true elite pro, he's a middle aged guy but he has 3b a number of times, and called 4bets as well, he had probably bled down half of his stack that he started the day with. He seems to get a tad out of line pre but not post.

The counter-considerations are that he hasn't 3b EP opens from what I have seen, and 3b an utg open and an utg+1 flat seems like it would require quite a tight range to do so profitably, and he probably is aware of this.

The question then becomes, what is the right play: Fold (I don't think this is unreasonable this deep, this good of a structured tournament, folding will leave me over 100BB in basically a dream tourney), call (seems quite reasonable--the villain2 sizing is large, however V1 is very likely to flat which will leave me OOP vs. two players), or 4b.

And if I 4b, I think there are a wide variety of sizings to choose from, with shove even being a potential option. If 4b, what is the best sizing?

What is the right play, and why? Thanks,

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