High stakes MTT career question

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High stakes MTT career question

I am looking for advice from experienced online players and high stakes live MTT players please.
Over the last few years I have been playing a mix of live NLH cash with some MTT and some PLO.
I have come to point in my career where I am looking to decide on one format which is live MTTs as my long term goal
and commit myself to study the game really hard as I have been guilty of not working on the game enough
while playing live poker.
I am looking to basically quit live poker and start to really work on my NLH game over the next 1-2 years
and get a lot of experience which is obviously only possible by playing online.
So my question here is for a someone in the future who is himself a high stakes MTT crusher and who is potentially
going to provide backing for live MTTs (5k+ events) and providing mentoring/coaching
What would you want to see in my poker CV 1-2 years (or however long it takes) from now, very good online CG experience
or MTTs or both ?
I am thinking with cash games, not only the results are more tangible but also provides a better way to learn the fundamentals, is that right ?
Should I start with 6max NL CG on stars and really learn the fundamentals for few months before even touching MTTs ?

I am planning for a very much focused effort with the long term goal in mind which is live MTTs but I want to put in all the work and prove myself capable before jumping back into the live scene so I need to know what it takes to make my CV impressive enough to be considered competitive in live high stakes MTT scene, for example being competitive in NL500 on stars ?


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