Holdem Resources - Facing a raise in BB short stacked

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Holdem Resources - Facing a raise in BB short stacked

9 - handed freeze tournament live at Crown casino

Villain(55bb) - opens to 2.2 in MP (roughly estimated to have a 25% opening range)
Folds around to hero(9bb)

I did a calculation to see how many hands that hero should play in this spot. Holdem resources came back with a very surprising answer saying that Hero should play 100% of his hands in this spot (88% call and 12%shove) I knew that big blind would have to play the majority of his hands in this spot but 100% seems a bit excessive? I am worried that I might have made a mistake somewhere in the calculation. Would be good if someone could confirm this to be correct or identify my mistake? This calculation is based on Chip EV since I assumed ICM is roughly negligible early in the tournament and I dont know the payout structure etc?

Here is the hand:

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