How to be a winning LIMPER preflop strategy

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How to be a winning LIMPER preflop strategy

So I recently ( past 15 yrs) lol have been getting frustrated with my old Annette Oberstad (Annette-15) style. I studied her a lot on back in the day and honestly been trying to break away from what used to work so well ( yeah I’m loyal damnit) !! Been a long 15 years. Soooo I have slightly implemented some new stuff over the years and some has worked some not so much. I do need to study more however I have been playing consistently for the past 15 years. Struggling the past 5 years for sure if not more. Anyways recently I starting limping a lot preflop with a wider variation of hands. Leaves me a lot of maneuverability post flop . Seems to be working well as of recently. Do we have any pros who are successful limpers or videos or just anything. I’m interested to see what a successful strategy at limping looks like. Thanks for letting me ramble !!

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