How to use solvers to play better against bad players

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How to use solvers to play better against bad players

Hey Everyone,

I am an MTT player. I play mostly in soft games on US sites and apps. I am doing quite well this year, with around a 100% ROI at an ABI of around $50 or so. I only started taking meticulous records in June, and have some profits prior to that that aren't tracked, so I don't have a precise ROI, ABI, or # of games. But, I know I am winning and had a pretty good year last year as well. I don't play a lot of volume and have a full time job.

I want to advance my poker career to the next level. That means playing a higher ABI, moving from 6 tabling to 8 tabling, and starting to add volume on some of the tougher sites. I study pretty consistently, but a lot of it is just reviewing my own marked hands. For preflop I often use HRC and just make assumptions about villain ranges. My exploitative reshove and push/fold games are solid, and since most of the game is this in the poor structures I play, I win at a good clip. However, I have reached a point where I believe the only way to make more money is to play games that tend to play deeper. I need to get better at postflop, and I have really struggled to come up with an efficient way to do so.

I own PIO Pro and have a fairly powerful computer that can run scripts as long as they are not super complex. HU spots at shorter stack depths are no problem. However, most of the money I make comes from beating bad players, like guys that are limping a bunch and super passive preflop, with 3betting frequencies that are somewhere between non-existent and way too tight.

How can I study using solvers to maximize profit vs. these types of players postflop? Should I be making assumptions about what their ranges are getting to the flop, and run scripts based on those? Asked another way, is this a waste of time? Should I just be focusing my solver study on how two GTO preflop ranges are supposed to play against each other postflop? I feel like the exploits against passive weak players are fairly intuitive and it's hard to go too wrong, but at the same time I could definitely exploit a bit more precisely with some work.

I just feel kind of lost every time I sit down to try and do some solver work. I can run through 20+ HRC sims in a short period of time and stay sharp with reshove and push/fold, and that shit makes me money. But I can sit down and spend 4 hours trying to learn something from PIO, and just come away kind of feeling exhausted and more lost than when I started.

Any and all advice on how I can move my game forward with solvers is super appreciated!!

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