ICM help please, Deep in 6max $3.30hyper.

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ICM help please, Deep in 6max $3.30hyper.


Hi friends; looking for some help with this shove math- seemed like a slam dunk to start- not sure after further thought on ICM implications.

We are first to act at a 4 handed table of the final 8 of the hyper 3.30 w/ AJo 12bbs....to our right is a player whom has just been added to my table in the shufflings and we have no hands on him. He is however the far and away chipleader sitting on 56bb.

SB has 2.6 BB has 7.5bb

The payouts are as follows.

5th- 88.26
6th- 61.57

I dont have it in front of me but hopefully whomever has a good answer for this can also assume the avg stack size given the 4 sizes/8.

In the moment this seemed like a slam dunk shove onto 2shorter tight players and only the one cover.....but reading more into this it seems like ICM suicide to bust at any freqency in this position....I have a couple questions;

1)Shove or fold?
2) whats the icm math/implications hre here.
3)What is our shoving range here?

Thanks for the considerations.


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