ICM question in TF 5 left / 3K win - + Good run Management

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ICM question in TF 5 left / 3K win - + Good run Management

Hi guys and Merry Christmas all.

I was just in the Final Table of the 15000 Guarantis 888 for 16.5 and cheap leader
Stack size cheap leader with 16 BB and 5 left. (I have a 4K roll before this tournament
so Ideally winning is the target and I think it's best to get the maximum of risks in this case

The prizepool is like this

1- 3150$
2- 2300$
3- 1.700$
4- 1282$
5- 891 $

Stack Size : (very Deep haha)

BB (Me 16 BB)

BTN open very light BTN and I find KJ BB, in my perspective I would put the max of pressure against a fish very loose aggro from what I have seen. (My tracker was not working for some reasons on this player)... Two questions regarding this spot, first one is it best to just call and play post flop, or is it better to push to put the max ICM pressure against villain who will struggle to pay a lot of his range here, I would say AJ 88+?

The second one is how to play as a cheap leader and as a not cheap leader like mid size when everyone is between 12 to 20 BB in a final table, because ICM here is the key.

For the story BTN called with A8o which is for me way too loose as I will probably push 22+ AJo+ in this spot and the hand after he open, find 8 BB 33 and push, busto against AQ last in chips...

Also have a a good run questions guys :) I jumped from 1k to 5k in a week time with 4 final tables with a 2K winamax cocktail win in 3 sessions (just unreal for me and very good before the Winters series and the Winamax series). I feel that I play better next to the final table like 30 left and take the risk to search the win, but I know that I probably won't have this every week. How do you manage against good run? Do you surf to the confidence and just play / Keep working or you slow down and do others stuff... I dunno wanna be over confident in this situation and come back stupidly to the 10$ only.

Thanks a lot and have a nice christmas and NY guys

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