ICMizer/HRC Different Results

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ICMizer/HRC Different Results

Running a hand: 5 left at Final Table of MTT. Stacks starting at HJ = 19BB/17BB/25BB/12BB/166BB

I ran the hand in ICMizer looking at the BU shoving range (there is no way to analyze EV differences of shove v min raise in ICMizer right??). BU shoves 12% and SB calls 3%. I ran the hand in HRC with allowing a min raise range and pushing range and HRC says basically only shoving range but shoves 26% and SB calls 24.8%(????). Also, if I change the pushing range in ICMizer to match that in HRC, SB still calls wayyy tighter. I just got HRC so I may be messing up some part of the set up because these results don't seem right. Is this maybe due to the FGS ability in ICMizer? Or why are the results so different? Thanks

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