I'm a losing player at micro stakes MTT's and i'm reaching my wits end!

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I'm a losing player at micro stakes MTT's and i'm reaching my wits end!

Hey there!
As the title says I really really need help!
I have been playing this game since December of last year, and have player around 1500 MTT's and am down around 600$! I play mostly on stars and a play mostly micro stakes MTT's!
Since I started playing I have really tried to look at the game just like any other game, and just tried to grind it and get better! However that isn't easy when money is involved!
For the first couple of months I was okay with losing a few hundred, but now I am 6 months in and am still just losing money every day!
I am a true grinder and play this game between 4-10 hours every day depending on if it goes well or not.
Lately I have felt so flustered and frustrated tho since I seem to not get any better and still keep losing! I do not know the steps to get better at this game and am obviously doing something wrong! I am considdering just stopping, but loooove the game too much to just quit! I used to be pretty good at Hearthstone and have always loved card games, so poker is right up my alley!

This turned into quite the long thread so i'll just sum it up here
TL;DR I really really really really need help improving! I am obviously doing something wrong in my game and can not figure out the steps to get better! Am considdering quitting the game! If you think you can help then please hmu somewhere! I am on skype @ Breckmann2 and you can also msg me on my table on stars screen name Breckmann95
Thank you for your help

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