Iso Shove Range Question

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Iso Shove Range Question

UTG+1 shoves for 12BB at an 8 handed table, I have 50BB in the CO, B has around 20BB and both of the blinds cover me. I decided to iso with a range of 99+, AQ+ and AJs and I'm wondering how accurate this is and whether I should have a flatting range here - I was considering flatting the top and bottom of my range and shoving the more middling stuff that I still can't get away from only 50BB deep but don't want to induce action with. There are no longer re-entries but we're still 15 or so from the bubble so I don't think ICM is too relevant here. However, this is a $5.50 buy in where I don't think it's unfair to say I have a very significant post flop edge on almost the entire field so there is something to be said for reducing my variance and "living to fight another day". I'm interested in how to play this spot in a vacuum and then whether you'd alter your ranges slightly to account for our EV in future pots that we get to play vs a very weak field.

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