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I am fairly confident this is a standard shove, but let me know if I am wrong being so close to the money.

Global Poker 7.5k gar $100 Turbo

18 players left 15 cash ($201). Blinds 1000/2000 100 ante

Winning Reg with 16.5bb opens 3.5bb on the Cutoff
Hero JJ 12.5bb (8/18) on button and shove.
SB: 6bb
BB: 8bb

What is villain opening 3.5x? I have to assume he has a fairly wide range. Let's say 25% and obviously I am way ahead of his range here. Or since it is so large (3.5x) is it more like top 10%? Either way JJ is still ahead. However, since both our stacks are relatively small he really doesn't have much fold equity so he is calling off a high percentage of the time. So he probably calls with >1010 and >AJo. So I am essentially flipping. If I fold, I can wait and easily cash or pick a future spots to pick up chips against smaller stacks without my tournament life on the line. Or, is the previous option (folding) just way to nitty, especially in a turbo?

Any thoughts on the above I appreciate.

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