JJ Check jam in SRP vs nitty fish

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JJ Check jam in SRP vs nitty fish

i don't have an actual hand history to copy, they aren't available on this site.

200/400 no ante, $25 turbo blind structure with 10 minute levels, we are start of 4th level. 30 odd players currently.

70-75 ish eff with UTG, MP has us both covered.

UTG +1 is like 30% VPIP, 7% PFR and 1-2% 3 bet, MP tagged mas maniac.

UTG+1 raise 1600, MP call, folds to hero in the SB who flats with JJ (no FD/BDFD blockers.)

flop is like 10s 8c 2c (pot 5k)

we check, UTG bets POT, MP folds and we JAM 5.2x the bet size.

i guess my other options are 3 bet pre and... fold to 4bet. or check call down if it bricks. suppose it goes in OTT a fair amount of the time.
i also don't have any notes on this player, but i think i may like check call down.

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