KJo push UTG 5-handed FT

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KJo push UTG 5-handed FT

Blinds: t8,000/t16,000 (5 Players) BB: 92,478
UTG: 185,688 (Hero)
CO: 144,183
BN: 86,344
SB: 621,307
Preflop (24,000) Hero is UTG with K J
Hero raises to 183,688 and is all in, 2 folds, SB calls 175,688, BB folds
Flop (393,376) 7 Q A
Turn (393,376) 7 Q A 6
River (393,376) 7 Q A 6 6
Final Pot UTG lost and shows a pair of Sixes.
SB wins and shows two pair, Aces and Sevens.
SB wins 393,376

Final table $20 hyperturbo. I was not happy with taking 5th here. Obviously, the big stack's call is terrible. I am pushing lighter than some people, but I still have a pretty strong range, which he is 33-40% against plus jeopardizing his chip position. I could wait for better opportunities. Without ICM issues, this hand is a clear push from earlier positions. There are ICM issues, but calling ranges should also be tight. Is there Nash software I should be using for this sort of thing? I didn't take the recommendations of ICM software totally seriously when I played MTTSNGs a few years ago, as it is too tight.

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