KK facing 4bet pre, 2 different spots (100bb eff & 40bb eff) deep into day1

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KK facing 4bet pre, 2 different spots (100bb eff & 40bb eff) deep into day1

Hand 1 - level 15

V1 is new to our table, the only person that has hero covered. Has not shown down any hands yet. 3b my UTG+1 open once from the button and hero made a very tight fold (didn't mention anything though).
V1 (covers) is 30's dark European. Hero (300k) is young Asian.

V has seen hero call open-shoves with 88 and KK, no showdowns besides that.

V opens UTG+2 to 7500. V has opened 3-4 times so far, sizing from 6.5-8k
Folds to hero in SB with KcKd
Hero 3b to 18.5k
V 4b to 42.5k

Hero flats, would be hating life if we get 6b here so deep
F (~93k) Jd 5d 2x
Hero checks
V bets 38.5k
Hero calls?
Hero's plan once we flatted the 4b was to call down 3 streets with no Ace on board (tank evaluate if no A but V piles), evaluate if a Q came

Seems pretty standard but wanted to get a Line check so far, opinions on GII pre or on flop 100bb effective
not interested in discussing turn yet, maybe after a few responses

Hand 2 - level 18

hero (250k) has been moved to this table for less than an orbit when this hand occured
vpip so far:
- folded to hero in SB, limped and check/folded flop
- 3b an UTG+2 open of 12k next to act to 28k and took it down

two hands later, same guy opens UTG to 12k, we look down at KcKs and 3b again to 28k
folds to BB (overwhelming chip leader with 400k+, 30's white male) cold 4b to 61k
UTG folds

this is such a good spot for him to cold 4b light, seeing how hero just made the same 3b against the same opponent and took it down
if hero flats, he has 190k (31.5bb) remaining

i really really wanted to just flat/trap and shove over any flop 3cbet, if we shove he's folding all his bluffs and could possibly fold JJ etc, but was worried about seeing a bad flop (A high, QJx, monotone board, etc) and being forced to fold
I think another option would be to just 5b small (~99-110k) with 150k behind and hope V spazzes

we started the hand with 42bb, we 3b to 4.5bb, V cold 4b to 10bb, but i felt really strongly that V was cold4betting light given the dynamics.
hero ended up shoving. i don't think there's anything wrong with shoving here given stack sizes, but we're missing out on money from his flop cbet
thoughts? am i too worried about flatting and seeing a bad flop?

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