KQs vs 20bb open from UTG || 5,5$ FO

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KQs vs 20bb open from UTG || 5,5$ FO

Blinds: t250/t500 (9 Players) MP: 3,090
MP+1: 1,251
MP+2: 6,511
CO: 6,241
BN: 13,126 (Hero)
SB: 21,073
BB: 11,386
UTG: 12,623
UTG+1: 10,660
Preflop (750) Hero is BN with K Q
UTG folds, UTG+1 raises to 1,000, 4 folds, Hero calls 1,000, 2 folds
Flop (3,290) 7 T K
UTG+1 checks, Hero checks
Turn (3,290) 7 T K 8
UTG+1 bets 1,645, Hero calls 1,645
River (6,580) 7 T K 8 Q
UTG+1 bets 3,290, Hero raises to 10,421 and is all in, UTG+1 calls 4,665 and is all in

Pre: Do we have a preflop calling range here? If so, its so narrow, something like KQs, AJs+, TT, JJ, and sometimes QQ, KK, AA
Post: OTR, do we have value? Only hands I can see here is an AK (8 combos), and AA (6 combos) and maybe KTs, but its not a great open w his stack size. We are dead agains all the sets (20 combos) and AJ (16 combos).

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