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LAPC Main AQ 5way spot vs well-known villain end of Day 1

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LAPC Main AQ 5way spot vs well-known villain end of Day 1

LAPC 10k Main. Amazing structure. Pretty soft table/field. We have about ~60k eff at 300/600/75. Hand-for-hand. 5 hands left in Day 1.

Hero: I am unknown to the table with a tag/solid image.
Villain: Well-known super boss. Recently moved to the table, no history.

PREFLOP Fish limps UTG, LAG raises to 1800 utg+1, HERO flats MP AhQs, BU (nitty fish) flats, BB Villain flats, UTG calls.
Lag 4b me earlier and I folded. I don't wanna get stacks in at this stack depth, I def don't mind keeping the limper in. Wanna keep variance low, however, id probably be 3b this with a non-0 frequency.

FLOP (~10K). QJ8r. ch through
I decide to check flop. This flop drills bu and BB. UTG and Bu also have about 20-25K stacks which can potentially jam on a 4-6K flop bet with a range of everything better and a few pair+SD hands. I'd probably have to fold to them given how tight/Straight forward they've been. I guess my first question would be thoughts about flop check vs bet?

TURN (~10K). 2c bdfd. Ch to me, I bet 5k, fold, BB tanks and raises to 13800, folds, I call.
Ok. We are pretty much at the top of our range now when we bet the turn(3 combos of 22 and rarely a slowplay), and villain is probably good enough to know we are pretty capped here. The bdfd has added some potential bluff combos. If we call here, do we have to call off brick rivers? Is calling ok bc he can value raise turn for worse(seems very unlikely, but I'm not quite a world-class mtt beast)?? Is calling ok bc the board is so likely to change that he's gonna have to shut down a lot and/or play straight-forward OOP on rivers???

RIVER (~37.4K). 7x. Villain jams and has me covered for about 43K.
The worst thing we can do is call turn and fold river, right? Appreciate any feedback. I will share the results later.

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