last 14 in the mini milion

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last 14 in the mini milion

Blinds: t150,000/t300,000 (7 Players) UTG: 6,584,672
MP: 18,130,118
UTG+1: 6,269,382
CO: 6,706,204
BN: 6,349,992 (Hero)
SB: 6,199,554
BB: 5,632,989
Preflop (450,000) Hero is BN with 3 A
4 folds, Hero raises to 690,000, SB calls 540,000, BB folds
Flop (1,890,000) 3 8 4
SB checks, Hero bets 767,777, SB calls 767,777
Turn (3,425,554) 3 8 4 6
SB checks, Hero bets 4,862,215 and is all in, SB calls 4,711,777 and is all in
River (12,999,546) 3 8 4 6 3
Final Pot BN lost and shows three of a kind, Threes.
SB wins and shows a flush, King high.
SB wins 12,849,108

played this hand against a recretional reg if that is a word the guy had 40 k games played pretty loose so maybe my assumtion with his range were not that good but given the stack size i just could not give his range pairs and a flush my shove on the turn was pretty bad i agree but i was trying to protect against some overcard put 8 x in a though spot i just though he would 3 bet shove all pairs broadways good hands maybe sometimes slow play a monster like aa but i block them i also though at the moment he would shove a flush draw on the flop my gto aproach here is to usualy check back but just wanted to protect on the flop against overcards really dont know maybe im just overthinking sometimes especially in these low buyins were all people play super nitty especialy sunday were is 20 something k for the firs place THE GUY HAD KQ OF CLUBS DONT KNOW WHY IT DOESN T SHOW

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