late stages 2 quick spots 18bb

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late stages 2 quick spots 18bb

level 24
~74 runners left, small payjumps at 72 and 63 people
2-3 hands before dinner break (blinds will jump to 5k/15k/30k)
ylon schwartz UTG shoves 18-21bb (can't remember exact amount)
UTG+1 tank tank tank fold
hero has 32 bb UTG+3 and sees AQs
i thought this was a fold but thought i should get opinions, i think AQs/99 should be the bottom of our calling range esp with 5 players behind, may consider calling against fishy players.
also, it didn't effect my decision too much but thought UTG+1 could be tanking with AQ/AJ

level 27
44 runners left
just had a payjump, small payjump at 36 remaining
hero has been playing somewhat snug the past 3 levels, defended a couple buttons with decent-equity hands, raised a couple pots in LP, folded 2 buttons, shoved once from SB vs. a raise and a call at 15bb (no showdown)
we have 3-4 new players at our table however so they have no read on us
hero (18.5bb) is short stack at table
folded to hero UTG+1 and we see 88


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