Leading onto full diamond flop trouble

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Leading onto full diamond flop trouble

Hi all, I have been in this situation a few times but encountered it in a live tournament the other day and wasn't quite sure of my play. Any thoughts?

UTG+1 is loose agressive, limping into a ton of pots and stealing lots of blinds. As there were alot of short stacks on the table he was playing almost every un-opened pot




Blinds 1k/2k 0Ante

Hero is dealt Q5s, UTG limps and SB limps, Hero checks.

Flop: Qd5d10d (6k)

SB checks, Hero bets 5k, UTG+1 raises to 16k, SB folds, Hero calls.

At this point im thinking he has a lot of Adx hands as well as possibly flopping some small flushes with hands like 98d. My reasoning for the call was that i've seen him to be raising light in quite a few occasions and that given how agressive he is he could have a lot of semi bluffs. Additionally i felt i was able to read him pretty well, making some good folds in previous hands, so that if another diamond peeled of on the turn and i felt he was weak i may be able to rep a big hand and ship. Also i had 4 more outs to making a boat and take the lead in the hand even if i was behind.

Turn: 3s (38k)          UTG+1: (62k)     Hero: (22k)

Hero checks and UTG+1 bets 17k into the pot. After a while of thinking Hero folds thinking that he has a small flush most of the time that hes trying to protect from a redraw. My read was that he seemed a lot more comfortable about his hand on the turn.

After i folded UTG+1 showed Jd6d. Do you think that I played the hand correctly? I know at the time it was a good fold but was it otherwise an OK play? My flop play is what i feel is the most controversial as in if i should have led out or not, or was check calling perhaps a better play as it saves me from most raises. Some help, particularly on the flop play would be great, Thanks

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