Live MTT AK 3bet jam or raise

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Live MTT AK 3bet jam or raise

Interested in feedback on what you would do and why.

$250 buyin 30 minute levels.
15 or 16 remaining.
In the money. Min payout now is ~720 next jump at 12 to $8xx. First place $10k
Blinds are $6000 $12000 with $1000 ante.

Table is 7 handed. Villain is LoJack and has been pretty active but seems solid - nothing crazy. He is second in chips at the table with 301k total. There is one player almost even with him and rest are smallish stacks. No info on other table stacks at this moment.

You, the hero have been at the table for ~two orbits and have went from medium stack $150k to $70k w KK<33 then back up with a decent rush to be table chip lead with $380k. You have been active but have shown good holdings at showdown.

Villain raises to 40k. ~3.5x has been the standard raise size on this table by the two other players with decent stacks.

Folds around to you, the hero in the small blind. Big blind is waiting to fold. You look down at AKo. What is your play here and why?

If you raise, how much? Jam, 3x or less?

Assuming 3bet call how do you play a missed flop oop with a spr less than 1:1?

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