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Live Pre-Flop Spot

The spot I am going to ask about is relatively simple, but I am hoping to generate some discussion with it.

10k WPT. Not near the money, so no real concerns w ICM.

Blinds 800/1600 w 200 ante.
I came to the table very short and just got my stack to 40k (25bb). I have won 2-3 hands in the last orbit, but I don't think I appear loose at this point.

Villains (intentionally kept generic as I'm new to the table at the time):
MP1 - Appears to be a mid 20's, good aggressive MTTer who knows many in the room. So far frequencies are pretty TAG, but he is likely v capable.
SB - Similar description to above but frequencies are loose/agg so far.

I'm in the BB. All players between MP1 and SB have over 50bbs and are tight/straightforward.
MP1 eyes my stack and raises 3.5k w ~120k behind
SB 3bets to 10.2k w 150k+ behind

We are in the BB with 40k and Tc6c. How often, if ever, do you ship here?

My stack size is very good to open against specifically in live MTTs where you don't really see people 3b/f too often w this stack size and 3b shipping doesn't lay a great price (for me). The SB will certainly be aware of this, and I believe he will tend towards being loose as it is. I consider both players to be high intensity and paying attention to these things.

That said, it is still a decent-sized parlay to expect both players to be wide enough for a shove to be profitable w T6cc.

If you are against the shove, what would you shove? Do you take the spot with QJs, Axs, 44?

I know this is super read based, flow/image dependent, etc. I don't necessarily expect to get a for sure answer to this hand specifically. Really what I want to talk about is how often you tourney sickos make low to zero equity "big" moves. Granted, this is only for 25bb and all preflop, but tourney life, blah blah. How strong do your reads need to be? How often do you deviate from a more standard strat (including widening value ranges vs opponents, etc) and make big "gut-based" plays?

I have had a number of convos with very good players about trusting your gut at the table, and I believe it has a lot of merit. ZeeJustin had a great post on 2p2 about that years ago. I am far more experienced in cash as well as talk to mostly cash game players, so I would like to hear thoughts from MTT guys about how you handle it in tourneys.

Sorry that was so long, but that's what I do.

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