Live Tounrey HH (APPT Manila National)

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Live Tounrey HH (APPT Manila National)

background: $700entry fee / around 60left out of 674 entries / Thankfully, we are ITM.

UTG: Young Chinese guy. Saw him open shoving for +20bb @EP (hand was not shown). Seems like he has some kind of push/fold strategy on his mind, but...

UTG open shoves for 15bb @utg. we have [email protected] w/ 99

3players in later positions HJ CO SB have me covered.

Here are some arguments on my mind.

Fold: I'm pretty sure the hand itself vs UTG only is +EV spot. but, we still have healthy stack to compete and the field is soft.

Call/Folds to a shove: I assume players behind me w/ marginal hand can reshove (AQ, TT, JJ, QQ). In case they cover me, the pot is total of 62bb and we have to call for another 15bb. So. we have 1:4 immediate odds and we need 20% equity to win. If we fold, we can still compete on this soft field.

Reshove: we can push off TT I believe. AQ/JJ could be pushed off(I'm not sure). Very nitty players could fold?

What's your decision on this spot?

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