Looking to do a leakfinder

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Looking to do a leakfinder

Hey guys,

While I don't think they should be my main source of video content I do like to do the odd member leakfinder and it's been a while since I've done my last member leakfinder.

If you'd like to submit one for review please post in this thread (don't pm me). I'll reach out to 2-3 of the most interesting ones via pm and get them to send me the HH and then determine which one to turn into a video from there. I'd like to see some sort of deep run (you don't have to win or even top 3 etc but something with a bit of longetivity and some FT ICM is appreciated). Please keep them relatively recent. I'll accept anything that was played since the beginning of last WCOOP.

If you're interested please format the post as such:

Tourney stakes:
Tourney name/description: (Can be something like "The sunday million" Or "Weekly big 109" or w/e.
Site it was played on: (Please only party/stars)
Some sort of reference to payouts: (Typed, screenshot from client or P5s summary etc).

A brief one to two lines describing tourney if necessary.

An example of a good post is as such:

2100 Sunday million SE from WCOOP sunday in September on stars. screenshot of payouts. Finished 4th/1031.

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