MTT Satelite strategy and weird HRC numbers

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MTT Satelite strategy and weird HRC numbers

  • I started to play MTT satelites a lot more recently bc people play really bad.
  • I tried to run some simulations in HRC and the results have suprised me a lot. In a lot of a spots we get to shove a super wide range. I get the fact that calling ranges needs to be super tight but still I feel like I am missing out sth.
    I myself shove a lot, especially from later positions but once I have a resonable stack I try to avoid marginal spots and just wait for other people to bust (which seems to be working fine so far) but that's where HRC doesn't agree with me.
  • I have run the simulation with these parametres. Results seems fine except UTG shoving range which is 81.9%! I used Multi Table ICM. I am 7/12 and 9 people gets the seat. I would expect that I need to play super tight but really no idea where I made a mistake in this simulation. Any clarifications would be much appreciated.

Satelite to HOT $109
Blinds 600/1200, ante 240
- My table
EP 7600 (Hero) 6.33bb
MP 2700 2.25bb
CO 4500 3.75bb
BN 19000 15.83bb
SB 10000 8.33bb
BB 9800 8.16bb
Avg stack: 8933
- 2nd table
EP 4000 3.33bb
MP 13000 10.83bb
CO 1800 1.5bb
BN 13000 10.83bb
SB 20500 17.08bb
BB 7000 5.83bb
Avg stack: 9883
- 12 people left
- My position 7/12
- Payouts
1st to 9th: $109
10th: $14
11: $10

Here is the hand

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