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MTT Study Group Starting

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MTT Study Group Starting

Hi guys,

We are a small MTT study group (2 Irish, 1 American, 1 Indian) looking to expand our group with some dedicated players.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been getting together weekly studying predominantly game theory.

For the next few months we’re going to change our focus to exploitative play and live reads.

The current stakes we play are live €200 - €500 MTT’s and online $10 - $50 MTT’s and then satelliting into bigger buy-ins.

At present our study time is via Skype on Friday evening around 4PM GMT+1, however this may be changed once the new group starts up if a better time suits.

For our next block of study we have all the materials we need and one of us will be taking the lead so the main thing that we’re looking for is people who are serious about improving their game.

Send me a PM if you’re interested. I’ve included a draft outline of what we plan to cover in our next study block which is starting Friday October 19th.


Friday October 19th - Pre flop strategies, iso limpers, hand ranges, playing off shorter stacks, 3betting weaker players, shoving ranges.

Oct 26th - Flop strategies, cbetting, flop raising, leading, min raising etc, blocker bets.

Nov 2nd - Turn play, cbetting, x raising, barrelling.

Nov 9th - river play, barrelling off, x raising, leading, live player tendencies on all streets.

Nov 16th - live reads, physical verbal, player pool tendencies.

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