No equity turn cb

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No equity turn cb

$109 tournament

Hero SB
Villain BB - unknown
40bb eff stack
Everyone folds to me.

Preflop: (pot: 2,6 BB) Hero has 9c 7c.
Hero opens to 2,5 BB
Villain calls

Flop: (pot: 6,1 BB) Ks 8d 2c
Hero bets 2,1BB
Villain calls

OTF i have easy cb.

Turn: (pot: 10,3 BB) Ks 8d 2c 3d
Hero bets 7,21BB

I chose to cb 35% OTF. It is quite a dry board, so this cb is big enough. He probably expects me to cb OTF a lot and my sizing is not very big, so i do expect him to have many floats here. Turn is basically a brick - he only improved with some diamond floats. So i think i have profitable second barrel OTT, XF seems to weak to me.
Sometimes i am little confused when i cb OTT with almost no equity. How do you usually decide in these spots if you should bluff or not? And which hands would be best bluff candidates in this hand?

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