No showdown value, do we bluff river?

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No showdown value, do we bluff river?

Blinds: t20/t40 (9 Players) SB: 6,930
BB: 3,140
UTG: 9,467
UTG+1: 2,775
MP: 3,712
MP+1: 2,910 (Hero)
MP+2: 3,565
CO: 3,000
BN: 4,271
Preflop (60) Hero is MP+1 with 6 7
UTG calls 40, UTG+1 folds, MP calls 40, Hero raises to 160, 5 folds, UTG calls 120, MP folds
Players behind me were folding lots, we're still pretty deepstacked and it's really early in the tournament, I thought given that information that opening here is fine. Of course, folding is fine too.
Flop (420) 5 T 9
UTG checks, Hero bets 255, UTG calls 255
Flop a gutshot, normall I would check here because this flop hits our opponents range more than ours, but our hand is so bad here that I think we have to bet.
Turn (930) 5 T 9 J
UTG bets 40, Hero calls 40
Do I raise here? I'm not sure how I should react to this bet. Regardless, I'm not folding. I'm getting the odds I need to hit my gutter.
River (1,010) 5 T 9 J 4
UTG checks

So do we bluff with out 0% equity hand? I don't know what he could have that would fold here, maybe a 5 or 9 that he decided to get weird with on the turn? What do we have that plays this way? Should we even be considering that at this point? The turn makes me think this guy is a weaker player.

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