(Not) Risking Tourney Life?

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(Not) Risking Tourney Life?

Its more like a general question than a specific hand history, but often the following example happens...
Its around Late Midtourney online: starting field 1200

50 out 300 left

Hero 60BB raises 2,5 in HJ 60 with AKo
Villain 1 calls 2,5 in BU
Villain 2 allin 10 BB from the Big Blind
Hero reraise to 30BB
Villains 1 Allin 70BB
Hero CAll
Heros loses to AA

I know, we shouldnt be results orientated too much, but in this scenario I felt really good and the field was soft so it was a bummer.
I wanted to isolate the BB with the 30 BB raise (which also pot committed me) and I knew beforehand that I would ve have to call a V1 over -shove.

Should i just called the all-in 10 BB raise ?
I had no Information on Villain 1.

What it comes basically comes down to is: I have a really good starting hand but do i want to risk my tourney life on this "unclear" situation or should i wait for another day?
I clearly play to go first, but sometimes I encounter these situations and then....well..."Do I want to take a 60/40 Situation for my tourney life now?

Thx for any feedback
I hope this makes any sense. Sorry for my bad grammar. greets from Germany.


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