Observed 44xBB final table 3-bet rip with AKs

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Observed 44xBB final table 3-bet rip with AKs

I saw this going over Sunday Million final tables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9_BCqSkvx0 This is about minute 33. Shover is winning reg.Blinds 175K/350K/35K. UTG 3.0M, HJ 19.4M, CO 6.8M, BTN 4.8M, SB 15.3M, BB 8.8M. HJ raises to 700K, SB goes allin with AKs for 15.3M.

I don't think SB can 3-bet/call with AKs. I was wondering if flat calling may be better. If you flat call, it often goes 3-way, and you often will have to fold postflop. It is probably good for you if the BB squeezes, particularly shoves, but BB is random and probably won't do that often. The raiser is opening wide, but will occasionally call the shove with maybe QQ+. I was wondering if the shove was a good play.

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