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PCA 25k HR early

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PCA 25k HR early

Start at pretty soft table, get moved to a new very tough tables with a bunch of people I know - table is talkative and chatty and not much has happened a lot of multiway cbet/fold hands

Stacks are ~27k effective to start the hand

Folds to us OTB, we open JhTh to 500 at 100/200-25, SB FrenchDawg (Marc-Andre Ladouceur, HSNL CAP/6m NLHE Player with extensive live success) 3b SB to 1700, we Flat

Jd Td 4x He bets 2200, we make it 5800 (I def think flatting is fine but I decided to raise this particular time), he tanks for a bit and calls

Turn 7d he checks we ?

I guess we could also discuss the flop sizing

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