Playing flush draw against c-bet flop

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Playing flush draw against c-bet flop

Blinds: t1,250/t2,500 (8 Players) SB: 67,020
BB: 57,991 (Hero)
UTG: 86,916
UTG+1: 61,085
MP: 43,552
MP+1: 120,114
CO: 61,807
BN: 49,126
Preflop (3,750) Hero is BB with 4 3
UTG raises to 5,000, UTG+1 calls 5,000, MP folds, MP+1 calls 5,000, 3 folds, Hero calls 2,500
Flop (23,850) 7 T K
Hero checks, UTG bets 12,402, UTG+1 folds, MP+1 calls 12,402, Hero raises to 52,666 and is all in, UTG raises to 81,591 and is all in, MP+1 folds
Turn (170,509) 7 T K 6
River (170,509) 7 T K 6 Q
Final Pot BB lost and shows high card King.
UTG wins and shows a pair of Kings.
UTG wins 141,584

Hi everyone. This is an interesting spot from a 1€ Progressive KO.

My doubt is: Should I just fold or should I push just like I did, calling is pretty weak and not going to realize my equity since he will presumably bet again on the turn.

I have 23 bb, which is a good check.raising all in stack with a flush draw. The thing is I put the initial raiser in AK, QK.. hands like that so he is going to call my push a lot. I don't think I have fold equity. The cold caller could have a better flush draw but I have good fold equity against him.

Being a bounty, accumulating chips is even more important, it is not a bad spot and by winning it I win a huge pot that triples up my stack.

Having all of that in consideration, would you play it like me or do you think it is a mistake? Also, At which stack depth would you stop to check-raise all in? What if you have like 40 bb?

(The bb defending with 43s is standard I believe, in that spot)

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